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Who is Kmiller Photography?

Capturing Life in Motion

Welcome to the official website of Kmiller Photography, where moments come to life through the lens.​


My name is Kristen Miller, the driving force behind the scenes, steering the course of Kmiller Photography. In addition to being happily married to an amazing man, I am blessed with 4 wonderful bonus daughters and 5 adorable grandbabies. Currently, my husband and I split our time between the picturesque landscapes of Colorado and the sun-kissed shores of Florida, savoring the best of both worlds.​


Embarking on this journey in 2016, I am a self-taught photographer who finds joy in capturing authentic emotions. Adopting a documentary style, my photography is characterized by its natural, relaxed, and beautifully lit composition. During sessions, I bring a calm and enjoyable approach to elicit the best smiles and genuine emotions.​


At Kmiller Photography, the needs and comfort of my clients take precedence. I place equal emphasis on crafting an unforgettable experience and producing the perfect photograph—a timeless memory for you to cherish. This commitment ensures that your requirements are not only met but exceeded, resulting in photos of the highest artistic quality.​


Throughout the years, I have been featured in Youthful Talent and Model Magazine across numerous issues. Actively involved in fundraising initiatives with local non-profit organizations, including LL's Baetoevan focused on childhood cancer, I have also initiated my own event, Surviving the Scars. This event aims to raise awareness for breast cancer through a documentary photo series capturing personal journeys with the disease. Giving back to the community is a heartfelt commitment that I hold dear.​ 


Naturally passionate and creative, I find inspiration in various forms of art and expression. Capturing beautiful moments that resonate for generations is an honor for me. Building enduring client relationships is my goal, and I am dedicated to surpassing your expectations.​


Gratitude fills my heart as I live a life centered around my true passion. I wholeheartedly believe that the passion embedded in my work, coupled with the exceptional experiences you receive, will keep you returning year after year.


Thank you for being part of the Kmiller Photography journey. I look forward to creating memories with you.

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